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We add value to businesses even where it’s least expected!

Product & Services

umerchant-1, Simple Merchant Solutions, point of sale

Merchant Payment Solution

With our expertise and a wide range of merchant solutions, you can never go wrong. Learn about getting the best rates or even eliminating your merchant fees today!

Simple Merchant Solutions, point of sale

Top Point of Sale Software

Our proprietary point of sale software is not only easy to use, but it is quick and reliable. Not only will it help you organize your business it will give you peace of mind.

Simple Merchant Solutions, point of sale

Ecosystem of Universum Products

From Inventory PDA's to a full platform. We've got you covered so you can manage your business at every moment from anywhere.

Introducing UPOS

Inventory Tracking

Real time inventory monitoring and tracking


Time & Attendance

Employee time clock and labor scheduling.



Full line of peripheral integrations.


Payment Options

Easy to use integrated Credit card processing

Critical Reporting

Key reports, know what is happening at the click of a button.


Cash Management

Secure cash management. Don't be a victim of theft and take control.

Never OVERPAY on credit card fees again

Ask about our free equipment offers today!

MX-915, Simple Merchant Solutions, point of sale

Are you asking yourself what can Universum actually do for me?

Easy Start Point of Sale Options

Simple Merchant Solutions, point of sale

Need specialized equipment?

With a suite of integrated product we've got you covered. We believe working with the right tools just makes things easier. Have high volume or traffic our platform is completely scalable. From scales, scanning equipment to in house inventory management you can rest assure you'll never miss a beat. Require something we don't have? Our team of engineers will be more than happy to sit down with you and talk about an implementation strategy.

Accepting payments should be easy.

Have you had headaches dealing with payment issues? Or is it too expensive to accept certain types of payments? We try to take make payments simple, you should be able to accept any type of payment without worrying about cost. We offer class A service and support, even during difficult times we are right there with you working hard making sure your able to focus your business minimizing interruptions.

Simple Merchant Solutions, point of sale

Trusted by local businesses in the heart of New England

What they’re saying

Universum's POS system combines a modern interface with a robust user experience allowing business owners to seamlessly manage their information.

Stephan Yungadci Business Owner

What they’re saying

Very knowledgable staff. Got my company's secure network up and running in no time. IT support team has got the job done quickly an efficiently when ever any issues arise.

Michæl J. Çh Business Owner

What they’re saying

The Universum POS is intuitive and helps my Super Market run smoothly.

Lodi Gutierrez Business Owner


Strategic Partnerships

Everyday we work hard to create long lasting partnerships with proven industry leaders to bring the very value to our customers.

Top Level Security

Security is our top priority. You are more than protected with Universum so you can have piece of mind. Every device Universum provides with industry standard encryption and protection.



Our business has been built from the ground up with our community of customers just like you. We truly listen, have an idea to make our simple merchant solutions software better or easier to use our engineers are on it. Here at Universum it's all about you and how we can provide the best value possible.

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Peace of mind all of the time

With today's technology, remote management capabilities of your business is a must. Here this is no exception keep your business running from anywhere in the world through our UPay portal and applications.

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