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Save big with universum's merchant services!

Real time inventory monitoring, tracking, and alerting.

Credit card processing

Secure cash management

Employee time clock and labor scheduling

Detailed reporting interface

Full line of preheral intergrations

Perfect Intergration

UPOS G+ is highly intergratable with common products. The complete solution gets you efficiently working with little downtime and high productivity. It has been proven to be very reliable. Specially when you need it the most. Being enterprise ready whether you have 1 store or 50 you are covered end to end with the same efficiency.

Easy intergration with industry standard scales

Such as CAS Scales, Magellan Scales & many more

Intergrated Vendor management

is a breeze with UPOS G+.

Payment terminal intergration

Great low rates with our Payment Processing.

No need to intergrate with third party accounting software

UPOS G+ takes care of that and provides an insight with advance sales tracking and balancing.